About Michael Clark

Hi, I’m Michael. I’m continually fascinated by many things in this world and photography for me was always a way to explore and discover new things. I started taking photos with my dad's old Olympus as a child, but later realised the power of image and sound together, and started exploring video. At first creating films as a hobby and now professionally, I am enthusiastic about the art of film and the impact it can have on how we relate with one another, and the experience it gives to our ever growing perspectives.

The films and videos I create often centre around my passions for people, community and art. I especially love to support local and international non-profit organisations through film.

Born in Melbourne, Australia //

Formal Education: CIT-Dip. Civil & Structural Engineering | Curtin University-BA Arts- Maj. Screen Arts//

Based in Western Australia.

Recent Collaborators & Clients:
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