Video Services

While focusing on cinematography and editing, I also offer a range of video services including directing, script writing, editing and sound. Varying from short films to low cost promotions for non-for-profits.


Promotional Videos

Short videos which help promote your organisation or business. This can be done in different styles, whether it be a corporate format or through artistic brand exposure.


A video or short film to be played at a corporate event, or even the capturing of an event. This could be a highlight recap of a large event or simply a record of an internal meeting or training day.

Art Films

These are experience evoking films made primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit. They could be experimental, highly symbolic or even just for fun.

Social Media Content

This could be a 15-60 second Instagram spot, usually created within a series. Can be for brand or event promotion, or a story told in a very short amount of time. 


I love collaborating with other filmmakers, artists and interesting people. Whether it be through making films, assisting or engaging with other art mediums.

Recent Collaborators & Clients:
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